`I explore the nature of the material which combines paint and scratched metal. I am interested in the painted depiction of light, colour and form interacting with reflected light, which has the quality of change and movement. It is the juxtaposition of this unchanging nature of paint, being both solid and stable, contrasted with the ephemeral and fluid nature of the light reflecting off the scratched metal, which underlines my work.

I like the idea of the `painting supportf becoming a visual element in its own right - scratching away, subtracting to reveal something that light will give a physical presence to. When making and showing my work I need to consider how light around the painting affects the scratched surface. In this sense I see myself as painting with light and paint.`

Kitchen Composition with Madeira
Kitchen Composition with Madeira

Andy Christie was born in 1977 and raised in Birmingham, England. He studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University in Yorkshire where he graduated in 2000.

He has exhibited in various locations in the UK, including a national touring exhibition of London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and Glasgow, as well as being a semi-finalist in the Sothebyfs/Artlink International Artist Exhibition and showing at numerous galleries and fairs in London.

In 2007, Andy Christie moved to Japan where he currently resides and works giving him the opportunity to artistically explore various aspects of Japanese culture.

His first solo exhibition in Japan in 2009 entitled eLiving with Light and Darkf was displayed at the renowned Hamamura Gallery in Shizuoka, Japan.

Various factors contribute to the diverse dimensions displayed throughout his work. Light is an integral part of his artwork as it illuminates and defines the assorted elements present. Rather than completely covering his preferred painting support of aluminium with paint, Andy prefers to scratch and expose the aluminium providing a unique surface for the interaction of light thus making the painting support a visually integral aspect of the art itself.